How Do I Transform V-shaped Glutes To Round Glutes

In a circle “bubble” in the shape of glutes or a heart-shaped bum is a fairly common goal for many women.

However, we’re all born with different genetics for glutes that influence what glute shape you have.

I highly suggest you check out my hugely popular post that discusses How Your Genetics Shapes Your Glutes after you read this.

There are at least four popular butt shapes that are widely known, which include heart, round square, inverted V-shaped.

The V-shaped form of the booty does not have enough volume and this lack of size and shape which makes a lot of people unhappy. It’s also more prevalent for women who are overweight or older as they lose muscle , and the distribution of fat shifts from the abdominal region to the hips.

If you’re a naturally skinny woman, I suggest you check out this article for tips on how to gain muscle mass for skinny women.

If you’re here, you might have a v-shaped bum so let’s look at how to turn your V-shaped tummy to a rounder, more petty set of glutes.

What we require is to add mass to that ass and we accomplish that by doing our v-shaped glute exercises to strengthen the gluteus maximum and eating lots of good food.Join Us website

Glute Building Nutrition

It’s not worth looking at the exercises that build and shape round glutes when we don’t first address your nutrition first.

Read this article I wrote on glute strengthening nutrition.

We need calories and protein for building glute muscles in order to transform your form-fitting glutes into round glutes, it is important to consume.

I’ve got a wonderful and convenient CALORIE CALCULATOR on my website . It will provide specific calorie targets and advice on macro splits as well as advice on either building muscle or burning off fat, make sure to explore it.

Your Primary Goal

You must spend some time in a surplus , accompanied by a high protein diet in order to build your glutes.

I recommend training your glutes three times a week for a minimum of three months to witness any transformation in glute shape or size. However it’s true that a good bum could take many years (not even a week) of hard work and effort.

Keep in mind that if you do not eat you’ll not get bigger or your body’s shape change. You have to increase the amount of your training in order to increase your. This article is a must read on Progressive Overload and why it’s important for growing your booty.

This isn’t the moment to focus on fat loss, this is about building. Your shape for your glutes will transform if are focused on growing rather than shrinking. If fat loss is the goal then it is done after.

Weights to lift,

Stay heavy,

Strengthen your muscles (remember gradual overload).

Cardio won’t build your glutes. Stop doing kickbacks while seated on the stairmaster to build your glutes! !

Exercises For V Shaped Glutes

To strengthen your glutes it is recommended to train all glute muscle from every angle however, with V-shaped glutes, we should focus more on the gluteus maximumus, the largest one!

Your go-to lifts will always be your first choice, regardless of what shape you want your glutes to look like. they are the bread and butter.

Hip Thrusts Barbell Banded and elevated foot Machine one leg.

Glute Bridges – Kas Glute Bridge, Barbell, banded, single leg.

Deadlifts: Sumo, Conventional Romanian.

Squats – Back, Front, Sumo, Goblet, Split.

Lunges – Static, Deficit, Walking.

Abductions – Machine, Fire hydrants, Cable, German etc.

Exercises to improve the Glute Max

A strong gluteus maximal gives the glutes size and volume it also provides relief from back pain by balancing out the forces emanating from the front of your hips and abs. Therefore, activities that strengthen them are crucial to every day health and pain-free living, not just an elongated bum.

The gluteus Max is the largest muscle mass in the human body . It makes almost all of the things you’d consider your bum therefore it requires quite a bit of training quantity and intensity.

To develop your glutes you need to do exercises that target each of the major leg muscles and glute muscles using an entire range of motion and movements.

From the start we’ll require –

Barbell Hip Thrusts

They’re a key component of any effective glute training regimen, but they’re especially beneficial for those with v-shaped butts seeking to add bulk. The hip thrust and its variations are responsible for the big, juicy boots you see daily through social networks.

Now is not the best time for timidity, so get comfortable with a barbell with heavy weights. my client Emily achieved the 200kg thrust on her hip in 2020.

I suggest using various rep ranges and speed on hip thrusts to increase your potential.

If for instance you train glutes 3X per week I would suggest doing the following.

Monday: Heavy Weight/Low Reps e.g. 5 Sets of 4-6 reps.

Wednesday: Light weight/ High Reps e.g. Four sets of 15-20 reps.

Friday – Moderate Weight/ Moderate Residuals with Pauses e.g. 3-5 sets of 10- 12 Reps with pauses of 2-5 Seconds like the above video.

Kas Glute Bridge

They’re still a favorite for many of my clients, but it’s not generally known exercises (but it’s becoming popular). This Kas Glute Bridge uses a minimal range of motion and in a controlled, slow pace to concentrate on the maximum ending range glute contractions. There’s less than no hamstrings nor quads involved.

Do not hesitate to try this! !


The queen of all power moves and a staple for building legs and glutes. The three main muscles that are targeted by the deadlift is those located in the lower back, the hip and knees. These include quadriceps, the hamstrings, as well as the gluteus maximus.

Deadlifts can be challenging to master , and they are susceptible to ego lifting and terrible form (see the other guys in or around your fitness center ) If in doubt consider playing it safe with lighter weights or hire an individual trainer.