Montevetro Residence

London, UK

We were asked to generate ideas for the refurbishment of a flat in Montevetro, Battersea. Our brief was to consider how the main living space and kitchen could be made into a flexible space to entertain guests as well as accommodate a home office. The Client was keen for the the living room not to always feel like it contained a kitchen.

We therefore proposed that the kitchen was located inside a white storage wall, so that it could be hidden behind cupboard doors. The kitchen island unit was proposed to be made in walnut with a black worktop so that it felt like furniture and not a kitchen. A bespoke walnut table was to nestle within the island unit to be brought out for dinner parties. A black storage wall would contain the entertainment system as well as a fold-out desk.

New sliding window screens would allow the Client to screen off parts of the living room for privacy. At night the screens could have films and television projected onto them, creating a spectacle for those walking along the river.