RIBA Xintiandi Windows Event

Shanghai, China

Studio Glowacka was selected by the RIBA as one of 9 up and coming young British practices to take part in the 2012 Shanghai Xintiandi Windows Event.

We were chosen as a design partner by Nisiss, a Chinese boutique women’s clothing brand, to work with them to develop an eye-catching and original display for the Windows Festival.

Inspired by the event theme of “play your style” and intricate rope climbing structures in children’s playgrounds, Studio Glowacka have designed a modular display structure within which the Nisiss Clothes and accessories could be playfully suspended.

The complex, reconfigurable structure is formed from five varying lengths of clear plastic tube. Plywood tube end pieces are held in place using tensioned hemp rope, and each tube is attached to the next using slender cable ties.

The contrast of precise, perfect plastic and shaggy hemp is similar to the playful details in some Nisiss clothing, where luxury fabric is purposefully left frayed at the edges to create contrasting detail.

“Thank you very much for your devotion to this installation project. We know you helped the contractor physically set up the installation and we respect your professional dedication. We appreciate your design’s delicacy and originality and are very glad to have worked with you.”

Qinghua Young – Nisiss