Waterfountain Bus Stop

London, UK

We were invited by the Architecture Foundation to take part in the Kingston University / Design Museum exhibition “Sheltered – The Bus Stops Here”.

Through a lens of fantastic whimsy, we have attempted to address the rising concern of water as a precious resource and the consolidation of public infrastructure through a piece of functional sculpture – a water fountain bus stop.

By including water in the bus shelter, we both celebrate and raise awareness about a precious resource at a natural moment of repose. As a point of congregation within the city and a place of waiting, the shelter allows a moment of reflection and dialogue – a communion. While our proposal is merely a starting point in rethinking the future of transportation hubs, we believe it is necessary to broaden our perspective to establish mutually beneficial relationships between seemingly disconnected systems.

Waterfountain Bus StopWaterfountain Bus StopWaterfountain Bus Stop