Xintiandi Atrium Installation

Shanghai, China

Studio Glowacka were asked by Shui On Land to produce a concept design for an art installation to hang in the main entrance atrium at Xintiandi shopping centre in Shanghai.

We took inspiration from the veiled Chinese lantern fruit, where the beautiful, colourful berry is glimpsed through a delicate, filigree exterior.

The installation uses a simple rope in two colours, which is thoughtfully set out to create complex geometry and spatial drama.

The two colours of rope are tethered to the edge of the atrium ceiling then gathered up to two hanging hoops from where they hang down to form two rope tubes. Veiled inside each rope tube hangs an illuminated ‘berry’, which casts dramatic shadows on the atrium surfaces when the main lights are dimmed.

Within the large open atrium two intimate spaces are delineated with the hanging rope tubes. Visitors who stand underneath the rope tube will be able to see the only direct, special view of the illuminated berry.